David Ferrer wont take part in Auckland Tournament

David Ferrer has decided not to take part in the forthcoming tournament in Auckland as he does not want to get exhausted ahead of the first Grand Slam of the season.

Ferrer is very popular in Auckland because of his glorious performances there in the past.

His withdrawal is a bit of a blow for the organizers of the Heineken Open.

Fitness has been an issue for Ferrer in the recent times. He has been doing with a dodgy back over the last couple of seasons and he knows that at Melbourne Park, he might have to play quite a few five-set matches. Read more »

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David Ferrer – Best Spain Player

David Ferrer is a professional tennis player from Spain, currently one of the top ranked players according to the ATP rankings.

The Spaniard turned professional in 2000 and for a long period in his career, was considered as a specialist on clay courts, as most other Spanish players but he has had significant success in almost all surfaces, reaching the French Open final in 2013, twice reaching the semi final stages of the US Open and the Australian Open and making it to the quarter final stages of Wimbledon twice as well.

He is a three time Davis Cup winner, having been a part of the victorious Spanish sides that won the famous trophy in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Born in a small Spanish city, Ferrer moved to Barcelona at the age of 15 to further his training at the Catalan Tennis Federation. During his time at the academy, the Spanish tennis federation chose to sponsor compatriot Tommy Robredo in his quest to become a professional which forced David Ferrer to look for his own sponsors as he turned professional.

Ferrer has been a constant presence on the clay court scene ever since he became a professional player in 2000 and made his debuts in all four Grand Slams in 2003 which was a landmark year in his career, as he notably beat the legendary Andre Agassi in the Rome Masters.

Ferrer continued his surge up the ATP rankings and by 2008, he was considered as one of the major rivals of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal but he never managed to turn that into proper success and Grand Slam success has eluded David Ferrer throughout his career with the three wins in the Davis Cup the only major achievement he has managed throughout his long career in the game.

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Ferrer to play Goffin in the World Tour Finals

David Ferrer will play against David Goffin in the second round of the World Tour Finals.

Ferrer has had to make some hard yards to make it to the finals this year. He has not been able to strike the ball cleanly in his recent appearances.

He has not played any game against Goffin either. So, he would not have that much of an idea about the game of the Belgian.

Ranking-wise, Ferrer is quite a bit ahead, but, it’s the recent form which matters and not the ranking.

As far as Goffin is concerned, he still has to prove himself on the tour. He has not won against the top players too many times.

In fact, it has happened just once that Goffin has got better of a top 10 player. He did that last week when he beat Milos Raonic, but, one win is not an indication of anybody’s credentials, not at this level surely.

So, Goffin would be eager to win against Ferrer too and show everyone that the victory over Raonic was not a fluke.

This might be the start of a golden period for Goffin. If he topples Ferrer straight after Raonic, his confidence would reach sky-high and he would automatically become an interesting prospect, one to watch out for next season.

Considering Ferrer’s form, this game appears to be going to go all the way down to the wire.

As an outsider, you would still say that Ferrer would clinch it despite a bit of shakiness in his game, but, Goffin is a fantastic player too and an emerging one and those who have seen his encounter against Raonic knows that he is a giant killer. So, for the lovers of tough tennis, this is a match up they would not like to miss.

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