David Ferrer remained in good form right throughout 2015

David Ferrer remained in good form right throughout 2015 winning as many as five singles title on the way and ending the season as the no. 8 player in the world.

It was one of his better runs in the recent times and he reckons most of the credit for that has to go to his coaching staff and the trainers.

“My team deserves a lot of praise for the way they have gone about their job, the coach as well as the other people associated with me. Their contribution has been immense. I don’t think without the work that they have done, it would have been possible for me to stand where I currently stand in the rankings.” said the 33-year old talking to a newspaper last evening.

Ferrer’s compatriot Rafael Nadal, however, did not enjoy the same amount of success during the year.

Rafa, who is one of the all time greats and quite easily the best player that Spain has produced ever, failed to make any significant impact and found himself without any major when the season finished.

It was quite disappointing for Rafa’s fans. Since 2004, it had never happened that he had not been able to clinch even one major in a whole season. Read more »

This is one of the hardest phases for David Ferrer

This is one of the hardest phases that David Ferrer has ever gone through in his 15-year long career.

He has already pulled away from quite a few events including the Wimbledon Championships because of his elbow problem and he is supposed to be going to have to stay away from the tour for a little more time.

The Western & Southern Open is up next and although there have been no official words regarding the withdrawal of the Spaniard from that tournament as yet, the reports coming from the sources close to him indicate that he will have to miss out.

Earlier, when Ferrer had opted to take his name out of Montreal, his representative had stated that his recovery was not being as quick as expected, but, it was on the right lines and the player was going to be fine for the coming tournaments. However, that does not look like to be the case.

If Ferrer does not play in Cincinnati, that will surely put some serious doubts in the minds of his fans about the state of his injury.

There is not that much time left for the US Open to start. So, if his recovery continues to be ultra slow as has been suggested, the chances of him being absent from the second grand slam in a row would be bright. Read more »

Koenig backs Federer for Grand Slam, but says it is difficult

ATP Tour commentator Robbie Koenig believes Roger Federer might be past his best but he still doesn’t rule his chances out of winning another Grand Slam before he decides to call time on his illustrious career.

Koenig, a former professional player himself from South Africa, doesn’t question the desire or enthusiasm that the Swiss has for the game but he believes he has gone past his prime, a prime in which he decimated everyone that came in his wake. Koenig says that Father Time has caught up with him and it will take a lot more effort than usual for him to win another Grand Slam title.

According to the South African, Federer still believes 100% in his ability to win another Grand Slam title before he retires and Koenig believes when someone who has achieved so much over the years with such ease, he is not wrong to think that he might have a last bow. Read more »

David Ferrer wont take part in Auckland Tournament

David Ferrer has decided not to take part in the forthcoming tournament in Auckland as he does not want to get exhausted ahead of the first Grand Slam of the season.

Ferrer is very popular in Auckland because of his glorious performances there in the past.

His withdrawal is a bit of a blow for the organizers of the Heineken Open.

Fitness has been an issue for Ferrer in the recent times. He has been doing with a dodgy back over the last couple of seasons and he knows that at Melbourne Park, he might have to play quite a few five-set matches. Read more »

David Ferrer – Best Spain Player

David Ferrer is a professional tennis player from Spain, currently one of the top ranked players according to the ATP rankings.

The Spaniard turned professional in 2000 and for a long period in his career, was considered as a specialist on clay courts, as most other Spanish players but he has had significant success in almost all surfaces, reaching the French Open final in 2013, twice reaching the semi final stages of the US Open and the Australian Open and making it to the quarter final stages of Wimbledon twice as well.

He is a three time Davis Cup winner, having been a part of the victorious Spanish sides that won the famous trophy in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Born in a small Spanish city, Ferrer moved to Barcelona at the age of 15 to further his training at the Catalan Tennis Federation. During his time at the academy, the Spanish tennis federation chose to sponsor compatriot Tommy Robredo in his quest to become a professional which forced David Ferrer to look for his own sponsors as he turned professional.

Ferrer has been a constant presence on the clay court scene ever since he became a professional player in 2000 and made his debuts in all four Grand Slams in 2003 which was a landmark year in his career, as he notably beat the legendary Andre Agassi in the Rome Masters.

Ferrer continued his surge up the ATP rankings and by 2008, he was considered as one of the major rivals of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal but he never managed to turn that into proper success and Grand Slam success has eluded David Ferrer throughout his career with the three wins in the Davis Cup the only major achievement he has managed throughout his long career in the game.