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Ferrer’s career destroyed by Rafa Nadal?

David Ferrer would consider himself unfortunate to be ranked number 5 in the men’s world tennis rankings and yet to be only ranked second in his home country of Spain as Rafa Nadal has come to dominate the tennis world in recent years. As a result David Ferrer’s fame has been cut somewhat short as he remains in many ways the forgotten man of Spanish tennis. The Thirty year old how has already won a masters victory on clay has been unlucky that fellow countryman Rafa Nadal has become possibly the best clay court tennis player of all time.

Nadal has already beaten Ferrer in the finals of the 2011 Monte Carlo and in the semi-finals the year before that. On top of this he beat the thirty year old in the Rome finals in 2012 as well. Had Nadal not been their Ferrer would no doubt have won his home tournament in Barcelona instead of suffering four final defeats at the hand of his younger countryman. If Nadal had never existed Ferrer would have been Spanish number one years ago, however when Ferrer first broke into the world top ten , Nadal had already registered a grand slam and second to only Roger Federer in the world rankings.

It is therefore easy to appreciate how frustrating Ferrer’s career has been as had their been no Rafa Nadal, he would have many more victories, be the jewel of Spanish tennis, gaining all the income and kudos that comes with that and be higher in the world rankings. When Ferrer retires most likely without a grand slam victory to his name, but with three Davis cup victories and a masters trophy few will remember him for the great player he was but instead as the one not as good as Rafa Nadal.

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