David Ferrer Bio

A champion is always borne out of numerous challenges and a number of lessons and the same holds true for David Ferrer. While the entire world knows him as a tough tennis player who have gained and retained his remarkable position in international tournaments and have bagged a gamut a victories against various other legends of this field, very few would be aware of the man behind that court-uniform, or the heart that confronted various dicey events in his life.

Born in the year 1982, on the second day of April, he belongs from Spain and is a current holder of rank 6 in the ATP Rankings besides being the second-highest ranked Spaniard just behind World No. 2 Rafael Nadal. His international tennis career started in 2000 and he is a specialist player of clay court. However, his prowess in hard courts got evident during his performance in semi-final appearances at the 2007 US Open and 2011 Australian Open. In 2008 and 2009, he was a part of the Spain Davis Cup Team that went on to win the finals.

The year 2006 saw him achieving a top 10 ranking which raised him to the rank of No. 4. This was a brief introduction about his initial professional success, which was basically the result of a series of missed chances, disappointments, mistaken judgments and gained wisdom, in the process. Within that tennis champion lays an inner self associated with bravery, perseverance, self-competition and loyalty towards the loved ones. He grew up in a family with close proximity with Tennis, as both he and his brother had proved their affinity and strength in this sport.

However, David Ferrer had had his share of doubts, personal conflicts and complications that made him go through many challenges before he finally chose his life-goal and started to excel in it. Initially from the age of 13 and onwards, he was facing nothing more than self-doubts, lack of courage, confidence and focus in the game. With little progresses made and an ambiguous future in store, he started to let go off his intention to pursue a career out of tennis. Coach Javier Piles have comprehended his waning interest in the game and had held the strings strictly, believing in the fact that David has it in him to make it big in the court.

This single faith of the coach in his young charge made him push and punish David till he learnt the art of the game and imbibed the same in his soul. At one moment out of frustrations and inferiority and lack of self-confidence, David Ferrer decided to call it quits with tennis and took up laborious ways to earn his living, only to find out the truth in the hardest possible ways. His work schedule and exhaustion of brick-loading made him realize the persuasion of tennis as a much better and respectful option and the next moment he made the best decision of his life of returning back to where he started his journey of self-revelation from.

Tennis was the call of his destiny and from then onwards, he never had to look back.  As a human being he is always considered as one the friendliest players in the coach who never misses to appreciate his opponent, just as he never avoid any opportunity of self-development.