David Ferrer remained in good form right throughout 2015

David Ferrer remained in good form right throughout 2015 winning as many as five singles title on the way and ending the season as the no. 8 player in the world.

It was one of his better runs in the recent times and he reckons most of the credit for that has to go to his coaching staff and the trainers.

“My team deserves a lot of praise for the way they have gone about their job, the coach as well as the other people associated with me. Their contribution has been immense. I don’t think without the work that they have done, it would have been possible for me to stand where I currently stand in the rankings.” said the 33-year old talking to a newspaper last evening.

Ferrer’s compatriot Rafael Nadal, however, did not enjoy the same amount of success during the year.

Rafa, who is one of the all time greats and quite easily the best player that Spain has produced ever, failed to make any significant impact and found himself without any major when the season finished.

It was quite disappointing for Rafa’s fans. Since 2004, it had never happened that he had not been able to clinch even one major in a whole season.

The continuously deteriorating form of Rafa is one of the hot topics in the Spanish media at the moment, but, Ferrer believes it shouldn’t be discussed that much.

In the words of Ferrer, “I don’t think it’s something over which there should be a drama. There’s been no player in the history who hasn’t had a below average season in his career. It happens with everyone. But, people shouldn’t forget that Rafa is a legend of the game and has made Spain proud on many occasions.”