David Ferrer wont take part in Auckland Tournament

David Ferrer has decided not to take part in the forthcoming tournament in Auckland as he does not want to get exhausted ahead of the first Grand Slam of the season.

Ferrer is very popular in Auckland because of his glorious performances there in the past.

His withdrawal is a bit of a blow for the organizers of the Heineken Open.

Fitness has been an issue for Ferrer in the recent times. He has been doing with a dodgy back over the last couple of seasons and he knows that at Melbourne Park, he might have to play quite a few five-set matches.

So, he is looking to take some time off in order to recover from the slight soreness that he might have been feeling. He does not want to break down in the middle of the Australian Open.

According to Ferrer, because of the fact that he went all the way to the final in the Qatar Open, he is starting to feel the need of giving his body some rest now. If he had been knocked out in the earlier phase of that tournament, he would have made his way to Auckland to play in the Heineken Open.

Ferrer was given the first seed there in Auckland and he was the one whom the organizers were expecting to draw most of the crowd. In his absence, the tournament might not prove to be as big a hit this time around as it has been in the last few years.

Ferrer is not the only seeded player who would not feature in Auckland. Two other seeded players including the previous year’s winner John Isner have also withdrawn themselves from the tournament.

Heineken Open is going to start from next Monday. It’s a 6-day long tournament with prize money of almost five hundred thousand Euros.